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Our Services

SUBURBAN.SYDNEY Websites will take care of the lot. From the initial purchasing of the domain, to maintaining your website so that it always looks its best, giving your online presence a competitive advantage.

Domain & Hosting Packages

Every website needs a domain name. This is how people find you - usually using .com,, .net,, (or even .sydney!) etc. Finding a domain name that relates directly to your website is imperative.

In terms of hosting packages, this is the space your website will use on the internet. Depending on your needs, requirements and size of your website, this will determine which package is most suitable for you. For example, if you are only looking at creating a website with the necessary contact details, then it is no use signing on the most expensive plan. You only need to pay for what you use.

Website Template Design

Something which sets SUBURBAN.SYDNEY Websites apart from the rest is that we design our websites from scratch. We do not use pre-made templates. By doing so, this gives us the flexibility to create a website that is right for you.

Email Setup

What use is a brand new website if you do not have the brand new email address to go with it. We love to focus on the details when creating websites and something important is that you have your own email account (e.g.

Constant Online Monitoring

We're always proud of our websites. So much so that we ensure to keep regularly checking that your website is running smooth and up to the highest standards. This means nothing but to literally check that all links are active and working correctly once your website has been completed and is online.


So... have we convinced you enough?

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